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Art You'll Love!

High Quality Wall Art Printed & Shipped Worldwide

At Verdiere we take great care in delivering to you the best wall art at the best possible price. So when you buy from us, you know you're getting something special. All Verdiere art is printed on the highest quality 200gsm paper with long lasting pigment inks to ensure vibrant colour.

Once printed they are shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes or postage tubes. We'll give you a courier tracking number as soon as they are shipped so you can track your order.

Our artists are always busy creating art for the latest trends, as well as timeless classics using inspiration from the great art masters.

Abstract, Expressionist, & Surrealist Art
Abstract art comes in may styles, from minimalist to surrealist, impressionism to expressionism. Art that goes beyond merely an accurate representation of a scene or a subject can be a talking point or a focal point in any room. Our selection of abstract wall art can create ambiance, depth, and meaning in your home.

Boho Chic and Bohemian Art
For the free-spirited, the travellers, and the dreamers. Boho art takes inspiration from cutures around the world with the emphasis on the organic and the natural. These eclectic mixes of artistic expressions have always been a popular aesthetic with those who love to explore life. Now you can bring a more carefree style to your home with our selection of bohemian art pieces.

Botanical, Garden, & Flower Art
Our Botanical art ranges from vintage and Victorian floral pieces, and Maximalist jungle scenes, to delicate minimalist and contemporary decor. Add a touch of nature to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, and bring the outdoors into your home.

Vintage, Antique, and Retro Art
Looking for a classical piece of art or just something more traditional? Our vintage wall art ranges from Victorian and Rococo styles, early 20th century abstract movements such as impressionism and expressionism, and even psychedelic retro art pieces. Our selection of vintage art will help you add a touch of history to your home.

Travel, Location, and Tourism Posters
Transport yourself to a far away place, or reminisce on previous travels with our selection of modern and retro travel posters. Browse through the most beautiful and instagramable locations around the world, From the old town streets of Mallorca, and the glamorous cafes of Positano, to the vintage streets of Mexico City, and the perfect white sands of the Maldives.

Bathroom Wall Art Decor, Posters, and Artwork
They say visitors always judge you by the quality of your bathroom, and the easiest way to make anyone feel welcome is with vibrant and beautiful wall art. From botanical and jungle pieces, to tropical gardens and floral art, add a touch of colour and nature to your bathroom to make your visitors feel at home.

Kitchen Wall Art Decor, Posters, and Artwork
It's safe to say that all of us would spend more time cooking if we were more inspired, and art in your kitchen can not only inspire, it can also motivate. Our selection of wall art pieces for your kitchen are sure to give you an excuse to spend more in there and get cooking!

Living Room Wall Art Decor, Posters, and Artwork
Your living room is the most important room in your home, and the room you probably spend the most time in. Welcome visitors to your home with our fantastic selection of wall art for your living room. Create an ambiance and style that you'll want to come home to every day.

Bedroom Wall Art Decor, Posters, and Artwork
Creating a calm and relaxing environment in your bedroom is essential to good health. The place where you rest can have a significant effect on your personal well-being. With our aesthetically pleasing wall art you can create an atmosphere of tranquility and peace to help the worries of the world float away.